Promptly Evaluating Prompts with Bayesian Tournaments

PyData Amsterdam, September 2023

Pick your next hot LLM prompt using a Bayesian tournament! Get a quick LLM dopamine hit with a side of decision theory vegetables. It's Bayesian Thunderdome: many prompts enter, one prompt leaves.

How do you chose the best LLM prompt systematically beyond guessing and vibes? Use the winner of a Bayesian tournament! Get a quick dopamine hit from fun LLM prompt magic with a side of Bayesian decision theory vegetables. If you are doing stuff with LLMs — you'll get a serious tool to improve your prompting game. If you're not using LLMs — you'll learn about Bayesian tournaments. They are not well known but have wide applicability: they help you optimally choose a winner using a minimal number of matches.

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To Boldly Grow... Live Brain Cells that Learn to Play Pong

DLD Munich, 2023

Every once in a while, we come across scientists and founders who work on utterly mind-blowing new technologies. In this DLD 23 Session Andy Kitchen from Cortical Labs will share fascinating insights on growing brain cells in a lab and turning them into biochips.


Bayesian Programming with JAX + NumPyro

Melbourne Machine Learning and AI Meetup, August 2020

Andy Kitchen gives a short tutorial on Bayesian modelling with JAX and NumPyro (and ArviZ) using a continuous change point example.

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Meta-quines II

LambdaJam Melbourne 2019

A quine is a program that outputs its own source code, but can you create a 2 quine, a pair of programs that output each other with an A->B->A->B cycle? What about between different languages? Can you gzip your own source code? Is there a structured way to do this with theory? All these questions will be somewhat answered, in ways that will make your head hurt... math-a-magical demos and over 9000 layers of meta-ness await!


OSCON 2016: Abracada-BRAIN!

O'Reilly OSCON, Austin Texas 2016

How do you build a brain?



A meetup somewhere in Melbourne circa. 2013

Zany stuff with programs that make quines

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Principles of Flight

My talk at the inaugural MLAI Meetup

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